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Our aim is to provide a high quality automotive repairs to individuals and businesses.

General Car Servicing

We offer full vehicle safety checks and reports with oil and oil filter change. Car brakes and brake fluid condition check and repair on request. New car services available.

SBS & Airbags Diagnosis

Is your AIRBAG or ABS warning light on? We can diagnose the problem and repair it if requested.

Car Batteries

We stock large amounts of SUPERCHARGE batteries with up to forty-month warranties available on most batteries.


We tailor and design dual battery systems using top quality components from REDARC to suit your specific requirements.

Electronic Fuel Injection & Ignition Systems

Car not running well or using too much petrol? Let us check your car engine management system for any issues.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Re-Gasing

Car too hot inside during summer? Taking too long to defog the windscreen in winter? Let us check your air conditioning system for any problem areas.

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